State-of-the-art technology

In technical language, the term “state of the art” refers to the highest level of technological development. With regard to “dust-free” tools, that means a system which keeps exposure to harmful substances like RCS and hardwood dust BELOW the applicable occupational exposure limits.

There are various state-of-the-art techniques for construction dust management, including vacuum extraction and water suppression. Their effectiveness has to be validated through research. The TNO Performance Test is one example of a validation tool.


The Inspectorate SZW applies an additional condition for dust-free technologies to be deemed “state of the art”: they must be commercially available from at least two competing suppliers. A full list of compliant tools can be found here.


As of June 2013, many tools are already classified as “state of the art”.


Masonry, concrete and stonework

- Hammer drills

- Diamond drills

- Chipping hammers and breakers

- Pneumatic chipping hammers

- Angle grinders



- Sanders

- Plunge cut saws

- Portable planers



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