Dust-free working means dust-free tools

In July 2013 TNO launched a project for the transfer and exchange of knowledge about dust-free working and the use of dust-free tools with contractors in the building industry.

TNO is particularly keen to work with large and medium-sized contracting firms ambitious to become sustainable, socially responsible businesses within a few years. To make a start in this direction, they can sign the TNO-Inspectorate SZW declaration of intent. That signals their desire to create a healthy, dust-free working environment. The first ten companies signed the declaration at the Inspectorate SZW Theme Day on 28 May 2013. The ultimate aim is to interest 50-100 companies in this initiative.


Over a period of one to two years, participating firms can approach TNO directly with any questions they have about dust-free tools and systems. For example, what choices minimise exposure to hazardous substance like respirable crystalline silica (RCS) and hardwood dust? How can we involve clients in dust-free working practices? For what tasks are commercial solutions still not available? And in what areas are innovations needed?


As well as innovating itself, TNO builds bridges to tool manufacturers. Once they have implemented dust-free tools and systems successfully, participating companies receive the TNO-Inspectorate SZW Dust-Free Contractor Award. The total cost for participants is €2000 over a two-year period. If you are interested in joining, complete and submit the contact form or call André Moons on +31 88 866 3324.


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