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This page shows smart solutions and effective systems which make dust-free working possible in practice. TNO stresses that it is an independent organisation and makes no endorsement of any of the products shown. We encourage all manufacturers and suppliers of dust-free solutions to produce similar video material. And we are always ready to help them devise and explore innovative ways to bring more such products onto the market.

Dust-free drilling

These videos show three different dust-free solutions currently available for drilling stone or concrete.


More information on Hilti's hollow drills can be found here.


More information on DeWalts extraction system can be found here.


More informationon Makita's battery powered combination hammer with extraction telescope can be found here.

Milling grooves with an angle grinder

Milling grooves in concrete or sand-lime brick with an angle grinder generates very large amounts of harmful silica dust. In partnership with Dusttool, TNO has developed a dust hood which, when used in conjunction with an industrial vacuum extractor, can reduce exposure to this material to a spectacular extent.

More information on dust extractors which can be used in combination with the TNO/Dusttool hood can be foundhere.


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