Prevention control measures for drilling (wet)

TNO has tested control measures for drilling in sand lime blocks and concrete.

The hazardous substance management plan is as follows (in order of effectiveness):

Step 1: Choose quartz-Free / quartz-poor building materials.

Step 2: Choose to build PREFAB.

Step 3: Choose dust-free processes an tools.  


TNO has tested one dust-free process for drilling(wet). The test specifications are a space volume of 15 m3, ventilation of 150 m3/h and 100% power-on time of the tool.

The concentration of substance is measured in the employee's respiratory zone.



Excess factor: <0,03 times limit respiratory quartz

Prevention factor (PF): 200.
Concentration of quartz quartz at workplace below limit value (0.075 mg / m³).

Water supply must be sufficient to cover the whole drilling hole.


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