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Dust-free working means dust-free tools.

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Limit values and health risks

How does my work effect my health

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Dust-free working

Work-related cancer

Work-related cancer is mainly caused by the carcinogens respiratory quartz and hexavalent chromium and the carcinogenic processes of hardwood and welding processes. Take care of your health. Every year, 2000 - 3000 Dutch die from (lung) cancer caused by overexposure at the workplace.

Welding fumes

Welding fumes and exposure to hexavalent chromium cause (lung) cancer. Using MIG-MAG welding torches with integrated extraction reduces more than 95% of the welding fume.


To compare the performance of different vacuum extractors, TNO has developed a standard test.

Worst Case Room

This room is specially equipped to study the dust emissions produced by professional tools, especially those of fine particulate matter (PM).


When using tools to work with hardwood, exposure to carcinogenic wood dust is extremely high. In many cases, the legal limit values are exceeded. 

Respiratory quartz

When using tools to work with lime sand blocks/ concrete or stone material, exposure to carcinogenic respiratory quartz is extremely high. in many cases, the legal limit value is exceeded.


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